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Vasectomy Specialist

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For men who desire permanent birth control, a vasectomy can be performed. For Manhattan patients and those throughout the New York City, the Murray Hill Urology offers vasectomy surgeries and procedures. Our doctors specialize in the most effective vasectomies to ensure great results.

Vasectomy Q&A

What is a Vasectomy?


A vasectomy is a form of permanent male birth contro, stopping the release of sperm when a man ejaculates. During the procedure the vas deferens can be clamped, sealed, or cut from each testicle effectively ceasing the flow of sperm. When the procedure is performed, the sperm cannot mix with semen when ejaculated. A female’s ovum, or egg, cannot be fertilized unless sperm present, thereby acting as pregnancy prevention.

What Happens During a Vasectomy?

During the procedure:

  • The testicles and scrotum will be sterilized and usually shaved.
  • IV or oral medication might be provided to sedate patients.
  • The vas deferens are found by touch and a local anesthetic is injected into the region.
  • The surgeon will make two small incisions into the scrotum. Then, the ends of the vas deferens will be sealed, tied, or stitched closed. Scar tissue also assists to block the tubes.
  • The vas deferens is then released back to its normal position. Then incisions are closed up with stitches that will later dissolve.

The procedure generally takes roughly 20 to 30 minutes. Following surgery, men should ice the area and lie on their back as frequently as possible for the remainder of the day. There can be mild discomfort or inflammation for a few days following the procedure. Patients should be able to go back to work within two days after the procedure. A backup form of birth control will be needed until the physician confirms that an ejaculation does not contain any sperm.

What is a No-Scalpel Vasectomy?

This procedure uses a small clamp with pointed ends to grasp and seal the vas deferens. The clamp is poked through the skin of the scrotum and then opened up. This procedure has been known to cause less bleeding, fewer complications, and requires a smaller hole. For most men, no-scalpel vasectomies are as successful as customary vasectomies. A device known as a Vasclip can also be used and locks the vas deferens closed without cutting, sealing, or suturing. This can minimize the risk of complications and discomfort. However, in some instances, it may not be as effective.

Commonly Accepted Insurances

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