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UroNav Fusion Biopsy System


Renowned Urologist Dr. Robert Gluck  now offers revolutionary Uronav Fusion Biopsy System for MRI guided biopsy for patients with an elevated PSA.   UroNav brings the powerful benefits of MRI to improve the detection of high and low risk prostate cancers.  Intergration of MRI improves the diagnosis of prostate cancer and in particular the staging. 

    UroNav combines electromagnetic tracking with GPS to visualize the prostate gland under real time.  This is a major advantage stresses Dr. Robert Gluck who has been a pioneer in the targeted biopsy system.  Early detection and accurate diagnosis provides better choices for patients.  We can now detect low risk prostate cancer and determine if the patient is a good candidate for active surveillance.   Patients with an elevated PSA or newly diagnosed prostate cancer can contact Dr. Robert Gluck to learn more about the UroNav MRI guided prostate biopsy system. 

For additional information on MRI of the prostate please click to learn more from the American Urological Association


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